Monday, August 14, 2006

Feet Dipped in Water :: 2006 :: Oil on Canvas

My feet dipping into the water showing the different challenges and daily struggles approaching me in this next phase of my life. The fact that I am even dipping my feet in the water shows the willingness to venture with faith in God, to see what is out there in His plan for me.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Rain Falling on Bridge :: 2005 :: Oil on Canvas

The figure walking across the bridge with the umbrella is walking through the rain to reach its destination where there are blossoms on the tree and the sun is shining. It emphasizes all the more how hope is always waiting after all trials. It reminds me of a song phrase, "In that darkness, I can see the light of hope alive in me"

Rain Falling on Field :: 2005 :: Oil on Canvas

Another painting of rain falling. I would imagine what the drops would look like as it falls against an object. This is more on the abstract side but I don't mind.

Rain on Flowers :: 2005 :: Watercolor on Canvas

I was becoming obssessed with rain. I hate rain. But I love the way it looks on windows. I began to imagine what this scene would look like and I came up with this.

Gazelles in Water :: 2004 :: Charcoal on Paper

Gazelles have long legs. I just loved the way it looked when it was sunk in water. The water stretched out their legs so much that they looked even longer.

Conversations :: 2005 :: Charcoal on Paper

This is a 2 hour drawing of two models. They were so interesting to draw because throughout the whole hour, their mouths were moving in conversation nonstop. They met for the first time that day and it honestly seemed like our class was intruding in on their date. I really like how this shows the woman trying to interact with the man but he's just sitting off the side looking the other direction.

Back of Girl Daydreaming :: 2004 :: Charcoal on Paper

A two hour drawing of a girl on my last day of life drawing. The body is really a beautiful creation. I no longer saw it as anything embarrassing or shameful. We all have one.

Pots of Soybean in Mouth :: 2005 :: Oil on Canvas

I saw these pots in traditional homes in korea when I visited and my grandma used to store fermented soybean in it for our stews in the winter. It symbolizes the way taste can really bring about the cultural roots in our families.

Hand's Reach :: 2005 :: Oil on Canvas

A painting of helen's hand reaching towards the water with it's shadow. I saw how the light was reflective and loved the way the water moved. It also shows the importance of reaching for something no matter what risks might come or even a chance of not finding anything.

Hand in Water :: 2005 :: Pastel on Paper

I was so fascinated with the way my friend's hand looked as she touched the bottom of the fountain in Italy last year. I love the reflections of water and how they distort and change the way we see certain images.

La Jolla Shores :: 2005 :: Oil on Canvas

I loved jogging at this spot on the beach. My ritual would be to jog to the end of the pier and back. It was the best feeling when the sun was setting. I just love the colors God uses to show this.

Did You Rise the Sun for Me :: 2004 :: Oil on Canvas

"Did you rise the sun for me,
Paint a million stars that I might know your majesty."

Sorrento Alley :: 2005 :: OIl on Canvas

In Sorrento, Helen and I would always pass by this alley as we'd walk to the village/market streets. Motorbikes would be the only vehicles to pass through these alleys because they were so narrow. I loved the way the horizon was the mediterranean sea with houses leading up to it.

Can't See the Beauty :: 2004 :: Oil on Canvas

This is the time I visited Korea. The Soyang River in Chuncheon appeared gray when I saw it, almost silver. I meant to paint the white streaks to resemble rain falling on the windows of a car as they drive by.

Rocks on Coronado :: 2006 :: Pastel on Paper

This is a pastel drawing of the rocks on coronado beach. A friend went exploring san diego and found this scene. It's so peaceful and calming.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunrise :: 2004 :: Acrylic on Canvas

I love sunrises. It just shows hope for a new day and all that it holds. This particular one is hanging up in yvonne's room. Hopefully, she'll be reminded of God's renewed faithfulness every morning...