Saturday, May 08, 2010

Passed Me By :: 25x36 in

I made a larger version of a previous sketch I posted awhile back and made some adjustments. I was given an opportunity to participate in a NYC Art Teacher's Exhibit in Soho. Each teacher was given a 40x40 space on the wall. I decided to use that space for one large drawing.
Come see it in person at the Broome Gallery this month!

Saturday May 15, 2010
Reception 4-7pm
W. Broadway and Broome St.

so what was going through my head when drawing this? Honestly, there must have been many thoughts going through my head, or none at all. All I can really do is make sense of it and add more to this story. I thought about lines going through other lines, people passing each other by, and missed opportunities. Because all you can think about is the one thing in front of you, while everything around you is moving on and changing.